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Bolivar Cuban cigars for sale

Bolivar Cuban cigars for sale get their name from the great liberator of many south American countries; Simon Bolivar. This perfectly suits this brand of cigars as the Cuban bolivar gives off a very strong smoke. New comers to smoking cigars, definitely do not begin your journey with bolivars. Bolivars belong to the less popular Cuban cigars but trust this bad boys are really strong. Bolivars have a limited array of sizes which you can check out in the shop. The bolivar belicoso fino for sale belongs to the strongest smokers only. But I guess you’ll never know your tolerance level until you try. Buy bolivars and enjoy.

Buy bolivar cigars

When looking for bolivars, you often wonder what site should I buy bolivar cigars. Worry no more as you have come to the right place. We also offer the best original boliva Cuban cigars for sale and at good rates too. The Cuban bolivar sometimes suffers from affiliations with the other bolivar trademark. But worry not as we have the authentic Cuban bolivars for you. Cuban bolivars get their strength because they have a higher proportion of ligero leaves as well as seco leaves. This also contributes to its strong taste and robustness. Buy bolivares online and enjoy.

The year 1902 marks the year Jose Fernandez Rocha establishes the bolivar. In 1954, Jose Fernandez Rocha dies and this makes the Cifuentes family to buy bolivar. The partagas factory now remains the primary factory that makes the bolivar. However not all bolivars come from the partagas factory.  The bolivar cigars for sale comes in different packaging. These include dress box of 25, dress box of ten, slide box of 50 etc. depending on the bolivar chosen. After all is said and done, buy bolivar Cuban cigars for sale and enjoy. However, smoke responsibly.