Diplomaticos Cigars for Sale

Diplomaticos cigars for sale

Diplomaticos cigars for sale come from the well-known island of Cuba. The Habanos SA which is the state owned Cuban tobacco company makes this delicious cigar brand. This state owned company uses the Jose Marti factory to process and manufacture the diplomaticos cigar. The diplomaticos precedes the cohiba as the first Cuban cigar for sale after the Cuban revolution. Born in 1966, the diplomaticos cigar for sale looks like the montecristo but has a lighter blend and a lighter wrapper. This generally appeals to the French consumer and prices less than the montecristo. In search of a mild medium cigar which comes with a sweet taste, buy diplomaticos no 2 cigars.

Buy diplomaticos cigars online

The diplomaticos comes in different forms like the diplomaticos bushido, diplomaticos no 2, and many more. You sometimes search the web to find where to buy diplomaticos cigars online. Welcome to the best place to buy diplomaticos cigars online. These cigars burn to give a very tasty smoke with a smooth blend. It equally has a good draw and nice build. It also lasts for a good time of about 60 – 75 minutes with a near perfect burn. Order diplomaticos cigars and enjoy.

The diplomaticos uses a medium strength long filler from the popular Vuelta Abajo region. This long-filler blend has equal quality as the montecristo but portrays slightly milder properties. The diplomaticos uses not names but numbers to differentiate the sizes. Diplomaticos fans testify to diplomaticos no 2 being the best of the brand. As such, try that out and see for yourself. These Cuban cigars for sale consists of similar ingredients to the montecristo. However it gives off its own unique aroma and smoke taste. Buy diplomaticos no 2 and enjoy these classic man made cigars. As per usual, smoking kills so smoke responsibly.