Senor Solomon Kosher Cigar KSA Robusto Natural 5 X 54

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Kosher cigar Senor Solomon Robusto are delightful. Especially handmade KSA “Kosher for Passover,” they are relaxing all year round. The creation of Gregory Aizenman and Master Cigar Maker Don Kiki Berger, they carry the KSA kosher certification and are handmade with all natural tobacco. Senor Solomon Selection Robusto is a smooth, medium-to-full-bodied cigar with rich and exhilarating taste. Meticulously handcrafted by skilled master rollers, every Senor Solomon Selection Natural is silky and superbly constructed. Each tobacco leaf is hand selected, cured and aged through an extensive fermentation and aging process.

They’re all natural tobacco leaves without any additives. After three years and five curing fermentations, the leaves evolve into these perfect medium to full bodied cigars. The super-premium Cuban-seed long-filler tobacco is wrapped in an aged Connecticut shade-grown leaf. As beautiful as these Robusto cigars are, their taste overshadows all. The deep complex taste is smooth, rich and exhilarating with creamy baking spices, eggnog notes and woody undertones. The finish is crisp, relaxing and never overpowering. Senor Solomon Robusto is 5 inches long with a 54 ring gauge. 20 are hand-packed in a cedar box.

Senor Solomon kosher cigars, in order to have the kosher certification, must meet higher standards than any other handmade cigar. The Rabbi supervises the production from the planting of the seed to the leaf picking process, and even through the pillon curing process. After the cigars are handmade and packaged, the box is sealed and shipped. These cigars are supervised through all steps of manufacturing to make sure there is no contamination. The finished product is one of high quality with 100 percent natural tobacco and without any additives. You’ll enjoy the naturally occurring aromas and flavors of the pure tobacco leaf. So enjoy this super-premium smoke with the peace of mind of knowing that it is a pure product. Senor Solomon is available in a full-bodied blend and in a medium to full-bodied blend.