Rafael Gonzalez Cigars for Sale

Rafael Gonzalez cigars for sale

Rafael Gonzalez cigars for sale date back to the 1920s when it was created. This Cuban cigar’s name comes from its founder Rafael gonzalez. He however later sells it to the Rey del Mundo Company. This cigar brand takes a break in the 60s but later continues to be produced alongside El Rey del Mundo cigars. Both become high end quality brands with a luxurious aura. Today however, the Habanos SA produces the Rafael gonzalez cigars in a rather smaller quantity. It belongs to the ‘other’ category in the habanos SA brands. Habanos therefore produces only a few regular Rafael cigars and occasionally chooses a special edition release. Some popular lines of this cigar include rafael gonzalez perlas for sale and rafael gonzález petit pirámides cigars for sale.

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Most of this rafael Cuban cigar’s products do not have a strong base in the market. However, it still maintains all of its classic characteristics. Some aficionados of this cigar recommend the rafael to be good during dinner or later use. The Cuban Rafael Gonzalez cigar for sale burns to give a thick smoke which comes along with a delicious taste. This Cuban cigar contains mild strength cigars and uses tobacco leaves from the Vuelta Abajo region. The rafael gonzález petit pirámides cigars however have a soothing spicy taste and leaves behind a sweet aftertaste. Buy Rafael Gonzales cigars and have a wonderful time.