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Vegas Robaina cigars for sale dates more recently compared to other Cuban cigars. In 1997, the state owned Cuban cigar company Habanos SA establishes the Vegas Robaina. Furthermore, the name vegas robaina pays tribute to all the Cuban tobacco farmers. The robaina name comes from Don Alejandro Robaina. This don was also known to produce the best cigar wrapper leaves. Hence in doing this the brand honors all the other unknown tobacco farmers in Cuba. Without their knowledge of tobacco, Habanos and the cigar factory will not be where it is today. Cigar aficionados highly rate the Vegas Robaina unicos for sale.

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Some people buy vegas robaina cigars not only for the quality but to honor the tobacco workers. After the death of Don Alejandro robaina, Habanos SA produces a unique brand of cigars and put the don’s face as the logo. The tobacco in this cigar comes directly from the robaina family’s farm. They then become well selected and fermented to produce the vegas robaina cigar. Order vegas robaina cigars online and have a good time.

The Vegas robaina Cuban cigars for sale have one of the best aromas in the cigar world. With the covers of the cigar looking dark, the vegas robaina gives a very tantalising aroma which many users testify to be among the best. If you like your cigars between the light and medium body range, buy vegas robaina Cuban cigars. Almost every cigar smoker loves the vegas robaina because it suits everyone even new comers. Buy vegas robaina unicos cigar and enjoy a lovely time. Accompany that with a very good whiskey if at all you drink and thank me later. You probably have an issue on where to buy vegas robaina cigars. Worry no more as we have all the variety you need at just one click away. Try and see for yourself. Smoke responsibly.