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Romeo y julieta cigars for sale date as far back as in the 1800s. In 1875, Alvarez y Garcia creates the romeo and Juliet cigar for sale. The top quality of this brand at that time makes the British go crazy. Hence this explains why Winston Churchill himself had to visit the farms. Also, the name of this cigar brand comes from the famous Romeo and Juliet story by William Shakespeare. Habanos romeo y julieta sits as one of the oldest cigars under the Habanos SA. We have Romeo y julieta no 2 cigars for sale so do not hesitate to buy romeo y julieta cigars. Some of these cigars include romeo y julieta no 2, romeo y julieta mini cigars and romeo y julieta no2.

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Any cigar aficionado must buy romeo y julieta cigars for his/her humidor. Also no matter your choice of smoke, romeo y julieta cigars have a type just for you. You probably have an issue on where to buy romeo y julieta cigars. Worry no more as we have all the variety you need at just one click away. Also romeo y julieta Cuban cigars come in various products. Hence don’t worry as we have something just for your liking. Order romeo y julieta cigars and enjoy responsibly.

Romeo by romeo y julieta for sale seems to be a fan favorite along with the Churchill series. The romeo and juliet Cuban cigars for sale equally have a delicious handmade look. Habanos SA makes sure all the cigars in this brand are handmade. Smoking this cigar gives that feeling of achievement. Just as romeo fell for Juliet, cigar aficionados always fall in love with this cigar. All cigars in this brand burn very well to give that perfect smoke. They equally have a near perfect draw. Buy romeo y julieta 1875 bully to begin a sweet journey into romeo y julietas.